A great chance for our students!

Wea – wedding & events academy ’s aim is to train students to become a real professional, to give them a general overview of wedding planner & event manager job.

Thanks to our wedding industry partners network, Wea gives to their students the chance to pick relevant internship getting work experience making the access to labour market easier.

What does the internship involve?

One-day internship in one of our wedding partner company: location, banqueting & catering, WP agency, flower designer agency…. Wherever you can work on a real wedding or event, to have the chance to get into the labour market.
WEA internship office will link the students with the company.

How does the internship work?

  1. Wedding internships take place between May and October, while event internships are available almost for the whole year.
  2. The partner company will give Internship date based on event or wedding scheduled.
  3. Students must be independent for transfers.
  4. The company will contact the student for a briefing on the wedding/event.
  5. On the wedding/ event day the students can have different roles, but we will be always tutored by the wedding planner or event manager:
  • Wedding day coordinator support management: timing, suppliers coordination, newlywed management, guest hospitality;
  • Wedding/Event decoration support: sugared almond corner decoration, sweet-table decoration, mise en place, banquet hall setup.