Valentina Palazzo

WEA is an academy that offers a full training course thanks to an high-qualified team of teachers, who are really lovely and really openness! I deeply recommend this course to all those who want to become a professional wedding planner or event manager. It has been a really wonderful experience. Thanks again Elisa and all the staff!!!

Monika Barbara Jakubiszyn

Professionalism, passion and commitment! Wea is an impressive school and this course has been an unforgettable experience that I’ll remember for the whole life! All the teachers were very skilled!

Carla De Carli

High-quality training. Skilled and openness teachers. Elisa and Giuseppe are very humble, kind and remarkable people. They spread their enthusiasm and passion for this job. I hope to become a wedding planner up to the training received. Thank you!

Sabrina Vitale

Excellent! All the teachers, the fabulous Elisa and her staff! A very involving experience, rich in every single detail of wedding planner profession. My compliments!

Martina Canepa

Professionalism, passion and commitment 100 % guaranteed!
It was an unforgettable experience that I will carry around for my whole life, both professionally and privately. Thank you all!

Michela Parigino

I learned a lot! I felt always guided, they were all kind, open and professional…this is WEA… they are great professionals!!!

Claudia Hernandez

Never improvise a profession. You should have years of study and experience on the job. It’s true for wedding and event planner as well! Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who improvise and pretend to be wedding and event planners. I think that professionalism and study have a huge importance. For this reason, I picked WEA for my training. WEA Academy in collaboration with European Professional Wedding Planners Association is the best one on the market!

Manuela Lombardo

Hi everyone, I’m Manuela Lombardo and I’m writing this short post to talk about this amazing experience I had with WEA Academy. I decided to attend this course without any particular expectation about it, but I could determine by myself how this course was well organized both for the teaching staff and the subjects chosen. Every teacher gave us his enthusiasm and professionalism. I absolutely recommend this course. Thanks to everybody. I hope to meet you again.

Sara Lippi

It has been a very rich and full of contents course. At the beginning, I thought that 8 days were too much… actually now I’m saying: it’s a pity that it doesn’t last longer! I can’t describe my feelings during this 8 fabulous days. Deep passion for what we learn, will of staying side by side with you all, the joy to see people who want to share with us their knowledge and the passion for their job. A deep thank you to Elisa Barretta because only for her commitment this is possible! Thank you to all the staff, teachers and to all training colleagues for making me so touched. I’ll miss you a lot!

Marco Marra

“Training with passion”: this is the best definition for WEA Academy, the measure of their work in the wedding sector is the excellence of their training process. The course I attended was an immersive experience that perfectly matched the educational component with the human side. Thanks to this I could have an open discussion with teachers and a special connection with my colleagues. I think that this kind of relations it’s possible because of this “interactive approach” used by WEA Academy. It was my first time with this kind of method. I think this is the key of their success: a method that allows a continuous brainstorming and ideas exchange, a cooperative dialogue. Wea Academy training is a complex mix of tips, rules and anecdotes. During this course, I could literary experience it. I could get into the psychology of the newlyweds and I understood that nothing can be apart from a strong sense of dedication and sacrifice… if you really want to give them a dream. I warmly thank Elisa Barretta, all the teachers and my colleagues for giving me a so professional and overwhelming image of this job towards which my love can only be strengthened.